What will you remember 10 years after your wedding?

You will remember the most important moments,

and I can help you with that.

Why and how?

Is your kid growing too fast?
Have some great quality photos of her/his special moments, s/he will be grateful when grown up.

Do you plan for a party?
Why not having some great photos, you’ll get more Facebook likes :).

Are you ready to pop the question?
Have me discreetly taking photos of this special moment, your fiancee will thank you.

And when you two are ready to get married, I’ll be there for you too.

All for an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

Contact me for details.

iPhone pic

This is a photograph

You can use your camera phone, of course, but if you use me, you might want to have pictures printed and displayed in your living room, as this lovely couple did.